Behind the scenes of our new SS21 Collection ☀️

Two times a year Alexandra and I design a brand new jewellery collection. We reimagine classics like the Galapagos Necklace, and add some new designs to our jewellery scala. Especially for the curious among us, we decided to devote a blogpost to the designing process of our newest collection, SS21.

Every year, we go to a big fair in Paris to meet up with our suppliers and check out all the new, raw materials. But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it was too risky to travel... 😷 So, this stage of the designing process had to go on online. Based on pictures and video calls we ordered small samples of raw materials. Once we received those, we carefully chose all the materials that spoke to us and started experimenting to end up with some first prototypes. We always stay true to the original look and feel of the brand, but we also love to experiment with new materials! For example, this year we introduced handmade Murano glass and goldplated chains to our collection 😍

With this collection we really wanted to go all in on colour and make some kickass combinations! Did you know that for each necklace or bracelet, we develop at least 7 to 8 variations before we choose only one that's worthy of a spot in the final collection! 😯 During the designing process our atelier sometimes is an absolute mess, as you can see 🤪

After a month of almost full time designing, we finally came to a selection of products we're very happy with! We also love to give each piece of jewellery a meaningful name. Did you already notice the "fun facts" we added to each product in our webshop? Go take a look! 🥰

After taking pictures of the whole collection, we present the collection to our commercial agents. They are the ones responsible for the sales to other multibrand stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. So, big shout out to Christine, Isabelle and Hanna for having our back and loving our collection! ❤️ I added some pictures at the bottom of this post so you can have a quick glimpse of the collection. If you want to see the whole thing check out our webshop!

We hope you love our collection sooooo bad! Your opinion is the most important thing for us so if you have any feedback or remarks or something completely else contact us through instagram (@indochinecollection) or email ( We love to hear from you 💕


Alexandra and Britt

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