How Our Murano Pendants Are Made (video) ❤️

If you've never heard of Murano Glass, you might be wondering what is so special about it and why we fell madly in love with it. What makes it different from the normal glass windows we have in our homes? And while there is plenty to see and do in Venice, learn why a day trip to the neighbouring island of Murano will definitely be worth it!

How is this glass any different? 🔎

First of all, the process of making Murano glass requires a special glassblowing technique that is over 1000 years old. Rediscovered by local artisans who found the remains of ancient Roman glassware, they continuously developed and enhanced the technique. ⚒️ When making the glass they mix it with other minerals which gives it its funky colours and vibrant designs. The resulting liquid glass mixture is then mouth-blown and handcrafted by master glassmakers. For this reason, high-end Murano Glass is called art glass.

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What makes Murano Glass so famous?

As mentioned above, what makes Murano glass so special is its history and methods of creation. It is world-famous for its high quality, wide range of colours, and not to forget the unsurpassed craftsmanship. In fact, the real Murano glass is so fine that it can be easily differentiated from all other forms of Venetian glasses! The island of Murano truly has a monopoly of quality glassmaking for more than 700 years, developing and perfecting numerous glassworking techniques that are still employed by the local glass artisans. They handcraft everything from glass tableware and ornaments to the famous Murano glass chandeliers. Plus, the incredibly wide range of pure colours is still looked at with awe by many people from all around the world. 🎨

Why it's worth visiting the island

You can see the history of this exquisite glass art at the Murano Glass Museum located on the island. Look carefully at the rare and precise designs that still give the impression of a moving liquid, whilst also looking so fine and fragile

when the light hits them. You can reach

the island of Murano in 10 minutes from Venice. When there, take a walk around its colourful streets and you’ll find yourself stumbling across all sorts of glass-designs. Don’t forget your camera! 🌅

Check the video below to see how our own Murano Pendants are made:

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