Meet our lovely production team ✨

After introducing ourselves as founders of Indochine in the previous blog post, we couldn't wait to show you how, and especially by whom, our jewellery is made. We would like to introduce you to vzw Basis! ❤️

Vzw Basis is a day activity center whose objective is to get people out of their social isolation. This means that they gradually try to offer them a different daily or living rhythm. By organizing activities they try to break through their vicious circle and work on a new social existence.

Through a wide range of simple, day-to-day activities, the people of vzw Basis can work on the psychosocial rehabilitation of their participants. They do this by offering them all kinds of training, relaxation, leisure activities and tailor-made work in their own work studio!

About one year ago, when Alexandra first knocked on the door of vzw Basis, it immediately felt familiar. We were warmly welcomed and they were very pleased for us reaching out to them ✨ Nowadays we have built up a very close and successful cooperation. Both Britt and Alexandra can be seen multiple times per week on the work floor at vzw Basis 🛍️

We would like to introduce you to Annick, Anita and Carolina three beautiful women, all participants of the program at vzw Basis, and guess what, they’re in love with Indochine! 🤩 Since the very beginning of the collaboration, they have always been ready for us and are only too happy to take on Indochine's orders. Isn’t that amazing? Thanks to their fine motoric skills they are perfectly suited for the job and deliver brilliant work!

They do a fantastic job and we are extremely happy that we can always count on these lovely ladies ✨ Of course we would also like to thank the other participants as well as the accompanying staff for all their efforts and helping to make the growth of our brand possible.

Not only are we very happy this offers a solution for our production process, but it also gives us tremendous satisfaction to be able to contribute to this fantastic initiative and to put a smile on their faces! 🥰

Did you know that most of our jewellery is made of natural materials? Therefore they deserve some special care. In next week's blog we'll share with you some interesting tips! ⭐

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day & stay safe!

Team Indochine

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