The story of Indochine ❤

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Here we are. Our first blog post ever.

This seemed like the ideal time to start introducing ourselves. What faces are behind Indochine's creations and how did it all start? In this blog post we will take you through the origins of Indochine, show you who we are and tell you what we do.

Who are we?

We are Alexandra and Britt, stepmother and stepdaughter, and together we share a vibrant passion for fashion, art, travel, food and all the wonderful things in life.

Besides admiring all this beauty, we also love to bring our own ideas and fantasies to life. We both like to paint and draw, but we also love to get creative with colourful outfits and charming accessories.

Inspiration 🌄

Where do our creative ideas come from? We let our thoughts run free and let ourselves be inspired by everything around us. While travelling through countries like Mexico, India, South Africa, and so on, Alexandra got intrigued by the rich variety of unique cultures and traditions. As a fashion enthusiast, she quickly fell in love with the many different styles and approaches of jewellery craftsmanship. The idea of playing with many different traditions and cultures started to echo in her head.

First jewellery collection 📿

Alexandra took her experiences back home to Belgium and shared her stories with her stepdaughter. Fascinated as she was, Alexandra decided to start brainstorming about what she had learned and use this as an inspiration to create her own small jewellery collection. A jewellery collection that brings together ancient elements from different cultures in a playful way.

#Teamindochine 🥰

Despite being still a university student, Britt helped Alexandra design and manufacture jewellery from the very beginning. As the interest in Indochine's jewelery grew and grew, Britt decided to go all out for the further development of the brand as soon as she graduated. No sooner said than done. With Britt on board, Indochine has an energetic and dynamic team that is ready for the next steps and prepared for a bright future.

Wondering what our design studio looks like? We'll show you in next week's blog post!

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day & stay safe!

Team Indochine

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