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Privacy Policy

Indochine Privacy Policy is to explain how and why we use your personal data. It’s important, so please read it and make sure you control your privacy.

Our main privacy principles are that;

  • We take your privacy seriously.

  • We are committed to protecting the security of your personal data.

  • We comply with data privacy laws when using your personal data.

  • We only use it for lawful reasons you expect or that we explain to you in this document.

  • We will limit our collection and use to details we really need or which you have provided.


Under this Privacy Policy, we will explain you, your rights to control your personal data and how to use them.


What personal data we collect about you and where we get it from?

We collect most of the data directly from you when you order from our website. We get technical details from the devices you use to access our website and from cookies which tell us what you look at online, where and when. Like most other websites, our technology also lets us know when and how you use our websites, such as when you have added to or abandoned your basket or filled in a form.

The personal data we collect and use will depend on why we need it. We will only collect the personal data which we believe that we need to use, which is needed to be collected by the applicable law or which you have agreed we can collect from you or agreed someone else can share with us.

Sometimes we are given data about you unexpectedly, such as from the police, organisations and agencies trying to prevent threats and fraud, and from the public.

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