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Navajo Necklace Long

SKU: Navajo2
  • Long necklace made of heishi beads and semiprecious beads of Zuni animals. The pendant is a Malachite eagle.

    These necklaces are very rare and precious.

    The Native American Indians strongly believe that the animal protect you on your journey in life, Zuni tribe are the only Native American Indian Artists who make animal carvings called "fetishes" also the fetish necklace.

    Eagle: power, courage, connection to spirit
    Hummingbird: romantic, love, passion
    Squirrel: natural intelligence, saving
    Bear: strength and intuition
    Turtle: protection, Mother Earth and grounded
    Salmon: sight, darkness, enlightenment
    Buffalo: prayer,abundance and gratitude
    Horse: strength, power, endurance

    Mother of pearl birds and semiprecious stones s.a. carnelian, turquoise, Dalmatian, picture jasper, aventurine... are used for these animals.

    Lenght of the necklace is 83 cm

    This necklace is made with love
    We hope you cherish it the same way

  • This necklace is made with natural elements. The brass closure will get darker over time but the necklace will keep its charm.

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